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At PCL we believe it's important to visit your site, meet your team and assess your system needs. What are your production volumes? How is the line configured? What are the worker safety and other critical factors? After questions are asked and answered, we quote the best equipment for the job.

Our systems feature reliable automated label applicators, fully automated print and apply, and semi-automated labeling  equipment from global leader CTM Labeling Systems. Beyond labeling, PCL also offers consultation on Schneider end-of-line automation.

Want help finding the right labeling machine for your business? Contact us and we'll answer your questions.

CTM 360a Series Applicators are a cut-above the competition.

  • precision placement and registration capability at high speeds
  • durable enclosure, ease of maintenance, and optional mounting for line and product orientation
  • excellent for labeling containers of all shapes and sizes
  • used in wineries, craft beer breweries, dairies, food processing and other manufacturing environments

Semi-Automatic Vial Label Applicator Small bottle and vial labeling equipment for round products that need labels applied precisely. Equipment can be custom designed for a variety of vials and small diameter products as well as equipped with in line printing with a thermal printer and coders for variable information.

  • Designed to accomidate precision vail labeling as well as small diameter products
  • Custom designed starwheels for each product ensure precise and repeatable application
  • Multiple products can run on one machine
  • Can be equipped with print and apply printer or hot stamp for variable information on labels

CTM 3600 Print and Apply Labelers integrates easily with SATO, Zebra and other print engines.

  • handles variable speed print and apply
  • adaptable for placement, throughput, and imagery, containing both fixed and variable data
  • mounts easily with modular design and swing arm  to address corner wrapping, dual or single-sided case labeling and a near limitless variety of line configurations
  • fit for product identification e.g. UCC-14, GS1, regulatory compliance, private, coupon, targeted promotions and variety of production labeling demands                                                                                

CTM Custom Labeling Systems engineered to address all the variables associated with your application and environment.

  • all systems designed for ease-of-use and long-term reliablitly based years of industry experience
  • feature heavy duty construction thoughout with 4" base frames, HD castors, repeatable and easy presets
  • designs are output in CAD and presented for approval prior to implementation
  • services come complete with integration and start up training

CTM's semi-automated lineup pays critical attention to worker safety.

  • frequently used for low-volume and special handling manufacturing demand
  • engineered to extreme extents to prevent injury with e-stops, alarms and ergonomic feature
  • ideal for precise labeling of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic and other small containers
  • excellent choice for flag labeling on pipes, tubing, cabling, and wire

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