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Continental Mills

Project Description:

Apply pressure sensitive promotional coupons to flexible packaged products on existing lines running at speeds up to 150 packages per minute. Previous labelers inconsistent and leaving labels on floor instead of product.


CTM 360A modular tamp/blow label applicator configured with short drop down snorkel along with a short tamp stroke length. Mounted upright & above, perpendicular to flow, alongside conveyor with label dispensed across flow. As a product travels down conveyor product detector mounted upstream to labeler detects oncoming product. Air cylinder extends and presents label to top of product with minimal blow-off application, then retracts to home position and issues next label. Labeler remains idle until next case detected.


Consistent labeling at high speeds. Flexibility to change labelers from right-hand to left-hand orientation with no extra parts; a particularly advantageous feature needed when new products and line upgrades forced relocation of one labeler to opposite side of line.