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George Doorly founded Pacific Code & Label (PCL) in 1995 after over ten years as top sales person and division director for leading label and marking systems manufacturers. His motivation for start up--the desire to address companies' needs on a personal basis. With PCL George does just that. He starts with an on-site assessment. Then, selects the best, most reliable equipment regardless of brand. George is proud of his accomplishments. He cherishes the long-term business relationships with clients. And, appreciates the opportunity to deliver advice and supplies long after installation.

PCL serves companies throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. System design considerations include throughput, bar code and text readability, budget, environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, wetness and adhesion properties. PCL designs printing and labeling systems for a variety of industries.

Manufacturing demands e.g.

  • Compliance for UL regulations
  • Serialization
  • Name plating
  • Prime labeling, case Identification and pallet labeling
  • In-line labeling

Food Process and Packaging applications, e.g.

  • Product identification on glass, plastic and metal containers of diverse shapes and sizes
  • Nutritional statements
  • Compliance labeling (GS1, UCC14)
  • Expiration codes and lot numbers

Agricultural Production & Nursery requirements e.g.

  • Government regulations
  • Tagging on-demand with variable data
  • Analysis tagging
  • Lot tracking from point of origin

Distribution & Warehousing needs e.g.

  • Barcode tracking for fulfillment pick & pack
  • Supply chain compliance
  • Print and apply applications
  • Location tags & labels

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